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May 16, 2007: Munchkin Water

It was an idea that fell into the "Of course! How clever!" category. I don't remember who came up with it; I remember it being mentioned in a post-GAMA Trade Show brainstorm in 2006, but it could have been brought up even earlier.

But we finally found a bottler who would print custom labels for us this year, and Munchkin Water was born. Yes, it has in-game benefits. Even the empty bottle has in-game benefits.

Sadly, the facility hosting GTS this year had fine-print rules against bringing in outside beverages, which they interpreted to include give-away water. We managed to hand out just a couple dozen before being shut down; if your retailer got one, he's very lucky!

And while we managed to hand off several cases to our friends in distribution, to pass on to the retailers in their area (or to help them win in their weekly Munchkin games - I didn't ask), we've still got a few extra cases. Hop over to Warehouse 23 for your bottle now; supplies are limited.

Note: Not available for sale to addresses in California, Hawaii, or Maine - sorry!
-- Paul Chapman

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