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May 22, 2007: Meet Our New Print Buyer

We've been trying to fill this position for some time. It wasn't easy. But it's the first step to ramping up our game production just a bit, so wish her luck. Meet Shelli Galey, who says . . .

So . . . I have been asked to write my introduction to you . . . in other words, “ILLUMINATE” you as to who I am. With that sentence, you should know I feel right at home here at Steve Jackson Games. I was brought in to be the Print Buyer, although I was not 100% sure that was what I was coming in to interview for.

I was introduced to SJ Games by my husband, who has played with Steve’s toys for . . . well, let's just say a long time for both HIS and Steve’s sake . . . When we moved here to Austin I saw the website said feel free to send in a resume, so I did. My background is what I would call a major in customer service and service quality analysis with a minor in printing and graphics. I didn’t really expect to hear from them other than the “Thank You” I received from Steve when I sent it in.

As the newest kid in the SJ Corral, now it is my turn to say Thank You . . . the staff here has made me feel welcome and included right off the bat. I have seen Munchkins, Black Swallowtail Caterpillars, and Mockingbirds and I have only been in the office 3 days now. I can MOO and log into my email, and I have seen the most efficient filing system in my life. I think I am going to LOVE it here.

. . . And we hope she does!
-- Steve Jackson

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