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May 28, 2007: Playtest Call: GURPS Spaceships Series

We are seeking playtesters for GURPS Spaceships (a series of 32-50 page e23 GURPS Space supplements), the first of which will focus on spaceship design and combat. Playtesters must be willing to use the system's rules -- for the first book in the series, that means building ships or playing out combats, not just reading the manuscript! As it is a multi-part series, the Spaceships playtest is expected to stretch over a longer period of time than most recent playtests (about two weeks per book).

However, no familiarity with prior GURPS space design or combat systems is required; this system is not based on Traveller or Vehicle Design rules! Playtest will start soon and participant slots will be more limited than usual, so please respond quickly. The deadline for submissions is May 30, and we expect the first book's playtest to run from June 1 through June 15.

As customary, playtest participation is via a closed e-mail list limited to Pyramid subscribers. To apply, please e-mail the Lead Playtest, Jeff Wilson (jwilson@io.com), with "GURPS SPACESHIPS" in the subject, and include your name, pyramid username, preferred e-mail address for the mailing list, and any qualifications you feel make you suited for the playtest. Inexperienced GURPS players and never-before playtesters are encouraged to apply.
-- Thomas Weigel

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