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May 27, 2007: Quadradius

This . . . is fun. Sort of like a cross between checkers and Strange Synergy, only not very. And it does not seem to be the product of a big studio, let alone a huge soul-eating corporation; it was done by a Game Design Guy and a Graphics and Sound Guy.

It's a two-player game. The site will match you with an opponent, or you can just talk somebody else into logging in at the same time you do, and learn together.

You can approach the learning process in two ways. If you turn off your pop-up blocker so you can read all the docco in advance, it'll be a while before you actually play, but you're less likely to see a game go down the drain while you say "Huh? What?" On the other hand, if you just dive into it, you'll have the fun of learning about all sorts of interesting powers. Half the time you'll learn by getting something awful done to you.

Aaaaand here's the link.
-- Steve Jackson

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