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May 30, 2009: John Kovalic Came And Visited!

Earlier this month, our offices were graced with the humble prescence of John Kovalic. I say "humble" because, frankly, the guy's a rock star, but you'd never know it to look at him. He's drawn thousands of Munchkin cards, a couple of games so successful Mattel snatched them up, and a comic strip that's practially a cornerstone of the hobby. Yet he's as nice and quiet a gamer as you'd ever meet. Not that he's opposed to a little foam combat, in front of hordes of Chibithulhus, of course.

We used his visit to spend many "meetings" eating at some of Austin's best restaurants, like Whole Foods and the Salt Lick. Past, present, and future Munchkin products were discussed, and plans were made for . . . you know I'm going to put one of those [FNORD] bits right here, don't you? Let's just say we talked about many topics, and we think you'll like the results.

Thanks for coming to visit, John! We loved having you, and hope you'll return soon!

-- Paul Chapman

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