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November 7, 2005: Back. Didja Miss Me?

I've actually been back from "vacation" for a week. I put "vacation" in quotes because I am advised that proper vacationing is not easy; that one needs practice to get it right; and that I should not really call it a vacation if I was reading e-mail several times a day and jumping to respond to anything from two real estate agents, two lawyers, and several staffers dealing with various aspects of the new office.

But you know? It was nice all the same. I got acquainted with Civilization III (yeah, yeah, I know, IV is out now). I played a number of boardgames I hadn't tried before. I probably read more books than I had in the previous year. And I got to keep messing with UltraCorps (and there'll be an Illuminator on that subject pretty soon, too).

Anyway, I'm up to speed again. Last week was "approve lots of GURPS outlines" week. This week and the next are mostly going to be devoted to various aspects of Munchkin. After that will be a couple of weeks of "get this new idea out of my head and onto paper and see if it turns out to be the Next Big Thing." And so on.

I like being able to spend my time mostly on actual game stuff. Right now it looks as though with Sopko I may finally have succeeded in replacing myself in the executive office. Big win.

And maybe around the end of the year we'll drag a big stack of games home and try this "vacation" thing again. Practice, practice, practice.
-- Steve Jackson

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