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November 26, 2005: Weekend Report

Okay, the weekend is well past by now, but . . .

Saturday I was at my alma mater, Rice University in Houston, for a Game Day. 'Twas fun. I got to meet a lot of students; I played some Munchkin and Super Munchkin, learned Krokinole, got schooled badly at We Love Katamari, and in general had a good time.

Sunday was mostly an UltraCorps skull session with Kira. Progress continues; the first fully open game should be soon.

Here's a picture of me in the new Munchkin Christmas T-shirt. This one is a Warehouse 23 exclusive . . . apparently the distributors don't need any more gaming shirts right now. But we LIKED it, darn it, so we made a few anyway. I like the color. I haven't decided if it will go into the regular shirt rotation, or if I'll just bring it out in December, in which case it'll probably last me 20 years.

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