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November 27, 2005: GURPS Powers Samples

We have a couple bits of GURPS Powers news to share.

The first two samples arrived from the printer just before the holidays. This book looks really good. Not only is it bulging at the seams with loads of GURPS-y goodness, the art is very, very nice. These are just the first samples, though; your friendly local game store will have them on their shelves in a couple weeks.

A few copies actually made it to GenCon SoCal last weekend. If you were one of the lucky ones to snag a copy, don't be shy -- tell us what you think of it on the forums!

And finally, the GURPS Powers page has a couple of new excerpts. Now you can check out pages 40, 117, 148, and 167. What's so special about those four pages? Well, check out the table of contents, or just download them directly!

-- Paul Chapman

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