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November 17, 2005: Cooooooooold . . .

As I write this, Austin's about to have its second freeze of the year - the first one was a fluke a few weeks ago, the earliest freeze ever, that didn't last long enough to make anybody miserable.

But it's about to get cold for real . . . right, right, some of you would argue that Austin never gets REALLY cold, but I'm a wimp, and when it gets close to freezing, that's plenty cold enough for me.

Spent most of the day whacking on a game prototype . . . not a new game, but an old one reborn, and no, I'm not saying yet which one. Then used up the evening hours moving plants into the greenhouse. Oh, my aching everything. Should have started that part much earlier and used all the daylight . . .

And tomorrow will be our first "Moving Day." This is not the day when we move ourselves, but it's the first day that will be spent boxing and carrying STUFF back and forth. Munchkin 4 - The Need for Steed went to press yesterday, so we've got a window of opportunity for these little details like Beautiful New Office.
-- Steve Jackson

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