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November 9, 2020: Megahex Erasable Tiles Shipping This Month


The new die-cut Megahex Erasable Tiles – for use with The Fantasy Trip, GURPS, or any game that uses hexes – have arrived! That means the Warehouse 23 crew will shift the title from pre-order to available this month, at which point all the pre-orders will be shipped out so that everyone can start using the tiles in their next game session. You may use these on their own to build labyrinths, battlefields, and other maps for tabletop play, or add them to the megahex tiles included in The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition to construct even larger playspaces.

BONUS! Those of you who play Ogre may notice that these new tiles are scaled to work with the Ogre Sixth Edition maps. What you do with that knowledge we leave to your capable imagination.

Pre-order the Megahex Erasable Tiles (available in three different colors) today!

-- Phil Reed


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