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November 20, 2020: New Releases For March

2021 marches along with our March releases, featuring a mound of Munchkin, as well as some dice bag accessories. Enhance your year with these upcoming releases!


Munchkin Enhancers

Enhance your game!
Flavor up your Munchkin games with these 30 new monster, Treasure, Class, and Race enhancers! For use with Munchkin, Munchkins & Mazes, Munchkin Tails, Munchkin Oz, or any set that uses the original Munchkin card backs!
This is an expansion for Munchkin, and requires a base game to play. 


Dice Bag: Munchkin

Only a munchkin would bring more than a couple sets of dice to a game day.

Fortunately, we cater to munchkins!

This fancy, satin-lined, 7-inch square Munchkin Dice Bag will hold all the dice you need for every possible situation: good dice, bad dice, probationary dice one fumble away from being thrown into the resin caster for your next artsy paperweight . . . or maybe that's just us.


Deluxe Dice Bag: Happy Faeries

Twinkle, twinkly, little dice. 

Carry your dice in style using this large, satin-lined dice bag with room for over 100 dice of all different shapes and sizes! Featuring custom art that perfectly accents any tabletop game, this dice bag will be the consummate companion for your next game night. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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