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November 16, 2020: A New Munchkin Bookmark Now On Indiegogo!


Our Weather Dice project -- now funding on Indiegogo -- includes a Munchkin bonus for those who join in at the $18 or higher level: The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Catastrophic Climate Change!

This bookmark allows you to use the Weather Dice in your Munchkin games, giving you one more way to brutalize your foes and (maybe?) win the game. For now, the bookmark is only available as a part of the Weather Dice rewards; we'll decide in the future if we distribute the bookmark in some other way. 

Of course, gamemasters of almost any RPG will find the dice useful when it comes time to answer the inevitable question: what's the weather like in your campaign world?

Join the Weather Dice project on Indiegogo today.

-- Phil Reed

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