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November 26, 2020: Quick Quests (and Hexagram #6)


We are launching a new line of roleplaying adventures: Quick Quests. These are a single sheet, tri-folded – they are statted for The Fantasy Trip, but easily adaptable to whatever you like. The first one, Tipping the Scales by Henry J. Cobb, is the $60,000 stretch goal in our current Kickstarter.

This Kickstarter is for Hexagram #6, but also includes two never-before-released TFT hardbacks: Old School Monsters (a collection of creatures from the dim past of roleplaying) and Fantasy Adventures 2 (five mid-length adventures, including one I wrote myself and enjoyed running at conventions).

But back to the Quick Quests. They fall on the line between short adventures and complex single encounters. We think you'll like these as games to run over one or two sessions at most . . . either as one-shots, or as digressions in your existing campaign. Having said that, the two major antagonists in Tipping the Scales turned into very interesting characters as we developed the adventure. I know it's a dungeon crawl, but I honestly hope you don't just kill these two and run. Not that they'll be easy marks, no matter what, but they have potential to be interesting recurring adversaries. Or, if you can manage everyone's tendency to slaughter and loot (and I mean Lady Mildreft and the dragon Yeevlou, as well as your PCs), they might just become powerful, if slightly wack, allies.

I have two more QQs that are very close to "in the can," a few more submissions I need to review . . . and we definitely want more. The Writers' Guidelines are your friend. (Soon I will update them with more detail about this new line, and then they will be your even better friend.)

At any rate, please check out the Kickstarter for the newest Hexagram, this Quick Quest, and all the other goodies! We expect to fulfill this one early next year.

-- Steve Jackson

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