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November 19, 2005: Available: Big Metal Barn

Here you see the "battleship," the one-time machine shop that has served as our warehouse for the last couple of decades.

It's about 100 feet long, 25 feet wide, and two and a half stories tall. It's framed with BIG steel pipes and beams, and covered with a corrugated skin.

I'm advised that this kind of building can be torn down and re-constructed, and that it's probably got another hundred years in it. Or, of course, the metal could just be salvaged. However, I don't have a buyer at the moment.

And while this may be a long shot, a LOT of you are reading this. So, if it sounds like something you need, drop me a line at sj@sjgames.com. We'll be out of there in a couple of weeks, and it needs to be gone, if it's going to go at all, by the end of the year.

Back of Warehouse Inside the Warehouse
-- Steve Jackson

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