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November 24, 2020: Stuff Those Stockings With Explosive Fun!


With one month to go until Christmas, it's time to start your holiday shopping so that all of the kids on your list, no matter their true age, can enjoy playing new games with the family. While our catalog is overflowing with games of all shapes and sizes, we want to direct your attention to a fast, explosive dice game that fits in almost any stocking.

Le Boomb! -- available now at your local game store or our online store, Warehouse 23 -- was first released over a decade ago by our friends at Mayfair Games. We enjoyed this fast dice game so much that earlier this year we released a new edition of the game . . . in four different colors!

If you've never played Le Boomb!, the most important thing to remember is that the game is compact (everything needed to play fits in the custom plastic boomb). When we created our edition of the game, we made one significant tweak to the earlier edition: our plastic boomb screws together, making the package more secure than the earlier edition. Toss Le Boomb! in your backpack and you always have a game at the ready when you journey into the larger world. 

Add Le Boomb! to your holiday shopping list today!

-- Phil Reed

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