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November 29, 2005: What Ever Happened To Varlak The Northman?

Vignettes help create a memorable experience with a gaming book. For instance, in GURPS Banestorm's seventh chapter, one Varlak the Northman has his final confrontation with his nemesis, a necromancer. Who is this Varlak, how did he come to track his foe for so long, and who stood by his side during those voyages?

Now it is revealed!

Phil Masters has created Varlak and his adventuring crew as a ready-to-run group of characters for GURPS Banestorm. Complete with character sheets, equipment, and histories, these characters can be used as a pregenerated party for new players, or as loyal allies (or fierce rivals) for an ongoing Banestorm campaign.

Download their information here!
-- Paul Chapman

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