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November 30, 2005: The Poster Printer Is Dead, Long Live The Poster Printer!

I write today with bad news, good news, and other news.

The bad news: Our poster printer has died a horrible, ghastly death. Toward the end, hours of IT attention and various replacement parts could only keep it running for a few weeks at a time. For the last two weeks we have been holding our breaths for a part that the manufacturer assured us would arrive "any day." Any day failed to come, and we began researching alternatives.

The good news! We found one! It took us a while to find a vendor who could offer posters for a reasonable price on high-quality paper, but we have prevailed!

The other news? The posters will have a 1/8" white border around the edges. Also, the colors may vary slightly from our original run since they are being printed on a different type of printer, and on a slightly different type of photo paper.

-- Shadlyn

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