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October 5, 2015: MIB Report: What Makes A Great FLGS?

Friendly Local Game Stores, otherwise known as FLGS, are an amazing part of the gamer community! My FLGS is where I added my very first game to my collection, and It's also been a big part of my adult life as it has become a place for me to meet people with a like mind. Honestly, now that I have all these games I really need more people to play with.

So upon my quest for the perfect, unicorn-like game store I began to notice something quite odd. I would walk into some of the most upscale FLGS only to be accompanied by the sound of crickets. I sat down to watch the staff restocking the shelves and quickly realized what was missing.

The Community of Gamers.

The Community of Gamers isn't something that just appears overnight. Much like a new-born game it needs to be fostered and cared for. It needs to be mercilessly advertised and dropped into the hands of everyone that enters that door! "Come play games at our store!" might get old but as I think back to my favorite game stores, those are the ones I loved playing at the most. There I always feel "in the know" as they tell me about upcoming events and games released next month.

It's what makes my FLGS not just good but amazing, and I hope to see more stores filling up in the future with the uprising of the Board Game Revolution.

Find out what else I think makes a FLGS great at https://thegloryhoundd.wordpress.com/

-- Kat Rider, MIB 3339

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