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October 31, 2015: Now Available For October

Happy Halloween! At Steve Jackson Games, we bring you the finest accessories for your Munchkin game and October has given us two of them! Tired of tracking your levels in Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe? Munchkin Steampunk Kill-O-Meter to the rescue! It can, of course, be used with any of your other Munchkin games as well. And if you're ready to power-up your Munchkin game, be sure to call on the double benefits of your Munchkin Imaginary Frenemies. While the blister pack is sealed, it can be used as a bonus. Once it's opened, you get the cards -- check out the cool rule below! And finally, even kids can join in on the Munchkin action! Perfect for ages 6 and up, Munchkin Treasure Hunt is now available at your FLGS, just in time for Christmas!

Munchkin Steampunk Kill-O-Meter

Munchkin Steampunk Kill-O-Meter

The best Munchkin fights are the ones in which everyone plays cards to keep the levels bouncing up and down! But it can be hard to keep track. Now you'll never have to stop and recount again!

With the Munchkin Steampunk Kill-O-Meter, whenever a card hits the table, you turn the dials to keep track of your new total. You don't have time to stop and count when you've got science to do . . .

The Munchkin Steampunk Kill-O-Meter comes with two special Munchkin Steampunk bonus cards -- and since the dials can be read from either side, we put the munchkins on one side and their foes on the other.

Munchkin Imaginary Frenemies

Munchkin Imaginary Frenemies

You can't clear thousands of dungeons without making a few Frenemies . . . so that's what we did! As long as your Imaginary Frenemies are safely stored inside their blister, they help you in combat . . . but if you release them to get at the cards inside, you can't use their rule anymore. Oh, temptation!

Special Rule

As long as this package remains unopened, you may keep your Imaginary Frenemies in front of you as a +2 combat bonus. It cannot be lost to Curses, Bad Stuff, or theft, and stays with you even if you die.

At any time, you may open the package, releasing your Frenemies, and draw as many Treasures as there are players in your game. Keep one of the Treasures for yourself and give each other player one each.

Sign the two Door cards inside (Yes! With a REAL pen! In permanent ink!) and put them in your hand as well. When you play a card that you have signed, it has double effect. Save this card so you remember this rule in the future!

Munchkin Treasure HuntMunchkin Treasure Hunt

Explore the Dungeon!

Be careful, though. Monsters live here, and they don't want you taking their stuff. Fool the dragon, grab treasure, and flee! Will you risk your treasure for MORE TREASURE? Be a legendary hero and escape with the most moolah!

Munchkin Treasure Hunt is a fun, fast-playing game for kids and families. It's a great introduction to other Munchkin zaniness, and it even teaches valuable math skills!

-- Anna Meade


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