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September 1, 2010: Undead In Your Phone

Zombie Dice app Just in case you missed the announcement, the numerous Twitter mentions, and the sounds of gleeful squealing coming from our office, Zombie Dice is now on the iPhone. It'll work on the iPad too (although there are rumors of an upcoming version optimized for the larger screen).

The completely free version is you versus the AI, who's a bit snarky. For 99 cents, you can upgrade to the full version, which lets you play with up to eight zombies and makes the AI even smarter.

It's our first actual game for Apple's new platform (the Munchkin Level Counter is cool as sherbert, but it really isn't a stand-alone game), and we're very pleased with the response. Thank you to everyone who has already downloaded it! Everyone else -- what, you don't like zombies?

(And if you're an Android developer, would you like to port the digital version of Zombie Dice over to the Google platform? Check out our RFP.)

-- Paul Chapman

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