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September 12, 2010: Going To Con*Stellation

Next week is Con*Stellation, in Huntsville, Alabama. I'm going to be their Master of Ceremonies, and Phil Reed is coming along to run games and keep me out of trouble. Their other featured guests are Wen Spencer, Vincent di Fate, and Warren Buff.

This will be fun. Talk like a Pirate Day will fall that weekend, so the Men in Black will offer a Munchkin Booty tournament. We'll have the newest playtest version of Munchkin Zombies, of course. And we'll be showing off Zombie Dice (both the original and digital forms), and Cthulhu Dice, and who knows what else?

My own inner (and not so inner) NON-gaming geek will be enjoying a visit to the Rocket Center and to not one, but TWO, railroad museums. Huntsville's downtown is also (or so I read this is my first visit) full of beautiful 19th-century architecture. So: building-admiration will happen!

If you're in the area, come to the con and say hi. This should be fun.

-- Steve Jackson

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