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September 27, 2010: Action! Adventure!

Pyramid 3/23 Space Gamer #40 Technically, that's Action adventures. This month's installment of Pyramid is stuffed full of scenarios that include thrilling chases, explosions, gun battles, and high-stakes drama. If you're a fan of Sean Punch's Action series, you owe it to yourself -- and your gaming group -- to pick this up.

This issue begins out with Blowups Happen, which kicks off with a stolen passport ring and winds up with something called "Operation Fatboy." Yeah, that's not the sort of title you give a newspaper route.

The second adventure is called Night of the Megacarp, and contains stats for a 3' long, 100 pound mutant Asian silver carp with big teeth. I'm certain you're already thinking of a half-dozen different movies that share the same plot.

Operation Sun Dog features Nazi experiments in Antarctica -- really, nothing more needs to be said about this one. If blowing up Nazi bases in a frozen wasteland doesn't sound good to you, I don't know what will.

But just in case, there's one more adventure: Calamity Road. The PCs are protecting a test of a robotic driving system from drug dealers, corporate politics, and technical difficulties.

So: four adventures, plus the other goodies that make Pyramid what it is today. Not bad for $7.99!

Also new to the digital shelves of e23 this week is another issue of Space Gamer -- #40 to be exact. Inside, you'll find Traveller support, Game Design: Theory And Practice Part XIV, and an update on something called "play-by-phone gaming" (or PBP as the author has dubbed it). The irony of downloading the digital version of an article about PBP from a website onto my phone makes me giggle.

-- Paul Chapman

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