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September 4, 2019: Now Available: Cthulhu D6 Dice Set


Are you a Cthulhu fan? (Yes.) Do you need more dice? (Yes.)

We can help!

Available today at your favorite local game store, the Cthulhu D6 Dice Set is a pack of six pearlized, 19mm, custom six-sided dice that will drive your opponents insane with jealousy when you break them out during your next game session. We created the mold for these dice years ago (back in 2013), but it was only earlier this year that we finally produced them for sale to distributors and retailers.

You can use these dice in any game that requires six-sided dice, and especially those games where you want to add Cthulhu to the mix and sprinkle a touch of madness to the game. 

If the dice are unavailable at your local game store, you can order them today at Warehouse 23.

-- Phil Reed

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