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September 9, 2019: Paizo's Starfinder Beginner Box Includes Munchkin Cards!


If you've not yet seen the Starfinder Beginner Box from Paizo, then there's a strong chance you missed out on the fact that we included Munchkin Pathfinder and Munchkin Starfinder promo cards in their game. It is always a treat when our friends join us to work on something fun and surprising for the players. This is one of the few professional industries where companies are friendly and constantly working together to cross-promote titles.

You can learn all about the Starfinder Beginner Box here. And don't miss out on the Munchkin Pathfinder and the Munchkin Starfinder games and expansions that we produce under license from Paizo. Thank you to the Paizo crew for both letting us play in their sandbox and for allowing us to include those new promo cards in their boxed RPG. That was fun! (What should we work on together next?)

-- Phil Reed

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