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September 9, 2015: Preorder Munchkin The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Munchkin The Nightmare Before Christmas

Do you want Munchkin The Nightmare Before Christmas? Of course you do. But it's not coming out until November! What to do? Fear not, fellow munchkins; we have a solution! Here's what you can do today to make sure you get a copy of the game.

Step 1: print this PDF out.

Step 2: write your contact information on the back. This is whatever contact information you think your local game store might need to tell you the game is in. Phone number, email address, mailing address . . . write whatever works for your local store.

Step 3: take the printed sheet to your local game store and tell them you want to preorder a copy of Munchkin The Nightmare Before Christmas. The sheet you're handing them has all the information a store needs to order the game for you, and the contact information you provided on the back gives them everything they need to contact you once it's in. They're getting a guaranteed sale, and you're getting an awesome game. It's a win/win!

-- Brian Engard

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