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September 28, 2015: Missed All The Munchkin Guest Artist Edition News?

This post will get you up to speed on these celebratory sets! Let's blast, backstab, and karate chop our way toward 2016 and the 15th Anniversary of Munchkin.

Munchkin Ian McGinty Cover Munchkin -- Ian McGinty

First in our lineup is a comic artist featured in Entertainment Weekly for creating Welcome to Showside. Here we are familiar with his work on popular BOOM! Studios comics like Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, and yes, Munchkin! Ian McGinty is an artist inspired by classics such as Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, and Garfield.

- The Reveal -- See sneak peeks at Ian's early sketches for the set.

- Q&A with Ian McGinty -- Learn how his expressive style translates to classic Munchkin.

Space Probe by Peralta Star Munchkin -- Len Peralta

Next up is Len Peralta, best know for his zombie themed caricatures accompanied by celebrity podcasts on Geek a Week. Not new to Munchkin, Len illustrated Munchkin The Guild, a booster based off the hilarious Web series by Felicia Day!

- The Reveal -- A side-by-side art comparison.

- Q&A with Len Peralta -- Insight into Len's quirky style.

Munchkin Fu, John Kovalic Munchkin Fu -- John Kovalic

Did you know there was a Munchkin set he DIDN'T illustrate?! Munchkin Fu is one of the few, but not for much longer. John Kovalic adds his original style to this karate themed, butt-kicking favorite.

- The Reveal -- Background on Munchkin Fu.

- Sneak Peek -- John's early sketches of the set.

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-- Rhea Friesen

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