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September 14, 2015: Star Munchkin Guest Artist Edition Preview - Len Peralta

Space Probe by KovalicSpace Probe by Peralta

The run-up to Munchkin's 15th anniversary continues with another sneak peek at our Guest Artist Editions; today, we're showing you a "before and after" preview of Len Peralta's Star Munchkin Guest Artist Edition!

With the original John Kovalic version of one of the nastiest monsters in the set, the Space Probe, it's a perfectly reasonable drawing and no one has any illusions about what will be happening next. Len's version somehow made it more and less ambiguous at the same time. I thought the tentacle was the most squicky part of the entire picture until I looked closely at the tip of the probe. Ick ick ick! Well done, Len.

This is only one of 168 cards in the Star Munchkin Guest Artist Edition, all of which have entirely new art by Len Peralta. This game will be hitting stores in March of 2016. Keep watching the Daily Illuminator for more news about the Guest Artist Editions . . . there's still a lot left to announce!

-- Andrew Hackard

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