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September 19, 2023: Talk Like A Pirate Day Sale

Avast, ye hearties! Set sail with Steve Jackson Games and our "Talk Like A Pirate Day" Sale! From September 18-20, you'll get 15% off select merchandise! Celebrate the scurvy scallywags of the Seven Seas by becoming one of them! In Munchkin Booty, you'll face off against monsters like fearsome Viking Kittens, an entire Skeleton Crew, and even Blackbeard himself! Looking for even more fun? Munchkin Booty Guest Artist Edition features art from Tom Siddell and a gameboard to help you keep track of all of the hilarious hijinks! And don't forget about Munchkin Booty 2 – Jump the Shark, which introduces the Explorer class . . . as well as the terrifying Moby Duck!

Every pirate needs something in their treasure chest, which is why we're offering 15% off a wide range of dice! Pick up a Pirate d6 Dice Set for rolling with your mateys, or bring some tropical flair to your games with our Shark, Octopus, Seahorse, Starfish, or Turtle d6 Dice Sets. Not sure where or whether to set sail? Pick up a Direction Die or a set of Weather Dice so your crew can navigate the briny deep. You can even get deals on dice for The Fantasy Trip and Munchkin!
Looking for something to do on your long sea voyage? Pirates played with dice in their spare time, and now you can too! Our "Talk Like A Pirate Day" Sale includes fast, fun dice games like Gelatinous, One Roll Quest, and Zombie Dice – perfect for playing with your crew. Need a way to carry your polyhedral treasure horde? Choose from one of our Dice Bags to keep your dice safely stowed away at home or on the go.

Yo Ho Ho! Don't delay! This sale heads over the horizon on September 20!

-- Katie Duffy

Pirate Sale

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