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September 21, 2023: FLGS Spotlight: Giga-Bites Café In Marietta, GA

Earlier this month, when Steve and Jean were in town for Dragon Con, we got to sneak away for a couple hours and visit one of my favorite places on Earth.
The Gang Goes To Giga Bites
If you're a gamer in the Metro Atlanta area, you probably already know and love Giga-Bites Café. If not, allow me to introduce you!
Giga-Bites has a dizzying selection of boardgames, miniatures, roleplaying games, painting & hobbying supplies, dice, plushies, and anything else a gamer geek could possibly want. But in addition to being an excellent place to shop, it's an unbeatable gaming spot. There are events going on daily, organized by store staff as well as the enthusiastic and welcoming community. And there's food . . . so when you set up for an epic battle in your favorite wargame, you can do it with a burger, panini, latte, or even a local craft beer.
My favorite spot is probably the hobbying station; it's cozily tucked away next to the RPGs, with fancy magnifying ring lights and a few drawers of paints, hobbying tools, glues, and basing materials. It's all free to use, ready to start you on your miniatures journey – or to provide emergency first aid to your armless Space Marine. 
[Image]Some extra highlights:
  • TONS of indie and small press TTRPGs
  • An impressive SJ Games shelf
  • More Kickstarter games than you've EVER seen in a brick-and-mortar store
  • A packed shelf of demo boardgames for customers to play
  • Themed monthly food specials with terrible inventive puns that any Munchkin fan would enjoy
Full disclosure: I'm ridiculously biased. I worked at Giga for nearly two years, and I wouldn't be at SJ Games without the support and opportunities I got there during that time. It's an awesome place, the team are great people, and you should go give them your money.
Giga-Bites is just Northwest of the Atlanta perimeter, located in Marietta off I-75. And even if you're not in the area, check out their webstore – it's a great place to find KS exclusives, especially after the campaign has closed!

-- Irene Zielinski

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