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September 27, 2023: Music To Game To: Hole Dweller

Hole Dweller

Say what you will about Spotify, but its algorithm has an amazing way of taking you on unexpected musical journeys. I started on one of those journeys a couple of years ago when a song popped up on my Discover Weekly playlist called "The Dwarven Caravan of Rushock Bog," by an act called Hole Dweller. I was immediately intrigued. The piece sounded like music from a lost 90s PC game, right down to the sound effects that were integrated into the background. I assumed that the song was part of a collection of early video game music, but the truth was far more interesting.
Hole Dweller is a project created by Tim Rowland, a musician from Athens, Georgia, whose first release came out in 2019. Rowland is heavily inspired by Lord of the Rings; a majority of his releases are concept albums focused on Jamwine, a hobbit who ventures forth in search of adventure and excitement. One notable exception is "The Elven Door," which was written for a YouTube series created by Finland's Ruokangas Guitars. Unlike the synth-heavy work of the Jamwine albums, "The Elven Door" is an orchestral piece that pays homage to Howard Shore's masterful compositions for the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. Keen listeners will even hear some spoken Elvish in the background!
Hole Dweller's latest album, Crossroads, was released on July 14, 2023. You can explore the complete Hole Dweller discography and purchase digital downloads and physical copies of his work via Bandcamp.

-- Katie Duffy

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