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September 22, 2023: Recommending Recommendations

My first experience with GURPS was likely seeing a copy of GURPS Wild Cards on the games-and-geekery shelf of a Waldenbooks. (I believe I have just enough references in that previous sentence to date me like the rings of a tree . . .) I recall flipping through that book while thinking, "Huh, that's interesting," and putting it back. My second memorable encounter was with a friend in college who said, "You've got to try GURPS; it's the best game!" The friend then explained why: the many sourcebooks, its universal nature, etc. So, I picked up some books, ended up running a years-long supers campaign we all enjoyed, and – long story short – here I am today.

The point of this trip down memory lane is to note that the impetus of my eventual exposure to GURPS began with the recommendation of a friend. Even in this quasi-cyberpunk world of omnipresent advertisements and micro-targeted media, the word of someone whose opinion they trust carries a great deal of weight for folks.

So if you're enjoying a game, tell your friends! This doesn't need to be in-depth or exhaustive. It can be something as simple as an online post along the lines of: "Last night we played [X], and it's a fun frolic. Highly recommended! If I can answer any questions, let me know." Of course, if you are the more-verbose type [looks around nervously], then more in-depth reviews can give additional insight to help others decide whether to become a fan. My own journey to a game I love began a few decades ago when someone recommended I check out GURPS . . . and I'm still grateful.

-- Steven Marsh

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