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April 7, 2003: Munchkin Fu!

We playtested Munchkin Fu for the first time on Saturday afternoon. It went well. I didn't win, but I got to set up SUCH an abusive card combo that actual winning hardly mattered . . .

As you might gather, this game is a Munchkin variant that sends the players into a Hong Kong action movie, with random bits of anime and Japanese monster flicks. The players become ninja, samurai, yakuza, and monks. Instead of races, they have martial arts Styles . . . there are 12 different, unique Style cards, plus modifiers. It's a stand-alone game, but CAN be combined with Munchkin.

This will be the first Munchkin game not illustrated by John Kovalic. He's just got too much on his plate. So . . . we have recruited Greg "Lethargic Lad" Hyland for this one. As you see from the cover art here, Greg has the Munchkin nature. We like what we've seen from him, and you will, too.

Some people have asked if Munchkin Fu has replaced Munchkin 3: Clerical Errors on the schedule. No . . . both of them are coming, but Munchkin Fu will appear first; it's scheduled for a July ship. We leaked the word about Clerical Errors sooner because the cards were all written and I wanted to demo it at Ubercon, but all we have decided about its release date is "Fall sometime, probably."

A frequently asked question at GAMA was "Will there be a supplement for Star Munchkin?" The answer is . . . it's not scheduled or written, but if the fans are interested, I'm game to write it. And John Kovalic has already said he will FIND time to draw the cards!
-- Steve Jackson

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