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April 29, 2003: Now Shipping

It's nearly May Day, time for the workers of the world to unite, to cast off their chains of oppression, and to run out and buy these fine new gaming products, currently shipping to local game stores everywhere:

Munchkin Monster Manual
It's all about the thrill of combat . . . meeting worthy foes and murdering them by surprise . . . gleefully slaughtering their low-level minions . . . defiling the corpses . . . and, of course, TAKING THEIR STUFF.

The Munchkin d20 Monster Manual contains dozens of foes for you and your comrades to slay, from the dreaded Gazebo and the surprisingly tough Potted Plant to the secretive Grassy Gnoll . . . and the really quite nasty Plutonium Dragon! Chock-full of great John Kovalic art, this book also includes creatures from the Unnatural Axe set, as well as lots of new and equally demented creations -- all detailed for use in Munchkin d20 games!

48 pages, hardcover. Stock #3403, ISBN 1-55634-669-7. $14.95.

GURPS WWII: Grim Legions
Join the brave, proud, and doomed men carrying Mussolini's "8 million bayonets" into battle in GURPS WWII: Grim Legions, a sourcebook on the Italian armed forces.

This 48-page book includes a summary of the war as seen, and endured, through Italian eyes; descriptions of Italian military organization and tactics with a roster of Italian land, naval, and air units during the war; distinctly Italian character concepts, including the elite and cutting-edge underwater commandos; Italian small arms and fighting vehicles from the reliable Beretta to their hopelessly outdated armor; campaign seeds and suggestions, and much more!

Written by Italian WWII enthusiast Michele Armellini, this small book provides a wealth of detail about Italy's supremely competent, but little respected military rarely found in English-language references. Rally under the banner of Il Duce and explore the quixotic Italian war today!

48 pages. Stock #8010, ISBN 1-55634-641-7. $11.95.

Special Ops Miniatures
Knock, knock . . .

The six figures in this set, sculpted by Richard Kerr, represent the real-life entry teams of today's modern army and police forces. You get a Command figure, plus Shooter, Entry, Breach, Rearguard, and a kneeling Sniper, a figure that's almost impossible to find!

These 28mm figures are perfect for modern-day gaming, from gritty urban warfare to anti-terrorism actions, espionage, and even superheroes. When these boys knock, you better answer the door . . .

Six 28mm miniatures in a video box. Stock #13-0000, ISBN 1-55634-710-3. $24.95.

ReMemory: The Art of Bill Koeb
"In these pages you will find the many facets of Billís personality and skill - from his initial, sometimes cryptic sketches, to more polished thoughts and full-blown paintings. Itís enjoyable to watch the work progress, to see his thinking process from sketch to finish. Whatís more, youíll discover someone who is thrilled to be painting and drawing, for whom the very act is second nature." -- George Pratt, from the introduction to the book Bill Koeb pushes the limits of mixed media fantasy and surreal artwork. His work spans a variety of styles and media, from covers for DC and White Wolf, to the paintings for the film "The Crow, City of Angels," to editorial illustrations and sequential art. But always there is a common thread: the search for truth and beauty.

Hardcover, 64 full-color pages. Stock #60-1011, ISBN 1-55634-631-X. $26.95.

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