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April 14, 2003: Now With 35% More Illumination!

I mentioned a little while back that we would eventually be moving our mailing lists back to our own server. The first one is going to be the Daily Illuminator.

We have decided not to just copy the list of subscribers over from the current Daily Illuminator mailing list (hosted by Yahoo Groups), partly because of security reasons, and partly because we don't want to just sign people up to a new list without their consent. So if you're on the mailing list and you want to keep receiving the Daily Illuminator by mail, then you need to go to http://www.sjgames.com/mailman/listinfo/illuminator and sign up to the new list. If you run into problems, drop me a line at webmaster@sjgames.com.

The new list will have no activity until the old list is removed, so you can be signed up to both lists and not worry about getting two copies of every Illuminator. In about a week we will start sending to the new list and remove the old one entirely.

- Sage

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