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April 1, 2003:
Steve Jackson Games Incorporated is pleased to announce that development of a fourth edition of their popular GURPS game is well under way. The redesign has been spearheaded by long-time GURPS Line Editor Sean "Dr . . . read article

April 2, 2003:
In a late shuffling of our release schedule, the following product is now slated for a June 2003 release: GURPS Fantasy Bestiary (Reprint) Long out of print, GURPS Fantasy Bestiary is back by popular demand! This extensively researched book, based on authentic folklore and legends from all over the world, is a perfect resource for the GM of any fantasy campaign . . . read article

April 3, 2003:
Titled (don't you love truth in advertising?) Irregular Webcomic . . . read article

April 4, 2003:
Ah, for the good old days when innovation required nothing more than a willing spirit and American can-do. And a length of pipe . . . read article

April 5, 2003:
Origins Awards voting is now open online at www.originsawards.com. You can also download a PDF ballot if you wish, and either mail or fax it in . . . read article

April 6, 2003:
What's bigger (and meaner) than a giant squid? Read the CNN story . . . read article

April 7, 2003:
We playtested Munchkin Fu for the first time on Saturday afternoon. It went well . . . read article

April 8, 2003:
All Your Iraq Are Belong To U.S. . . . The original "All Your Base" soundtrack (which, for trivia fans, is actually named "Invasion of the Gabber Robots," and was done by the Laziest Men on Mars) . . . with a new video track . . . read article

April 9, 2003:
Our new Netrep for the Worlds Apart/GURPS Online project is Giles Schildt. Giles is part of our MIB program and a long-time SJ Games and GURPS fan . . . read article

April 10, 2003:
A couple of months ago our shrinkwrapper died for the last time. I shall not burden you with the story . . . with any of the stories . . . of the living hell that we went through to get the replacement delivered or properly installed, or the Sisyphean efforts of the guys down in Traffic to feed the insatiable maw of worldwide Munchkin fandom with only the small shrinkwrap system kindly loaned by Phil Reed . . . read article

April 11, 2003:
Austin this weekend. We'll be running a lot of demos, including Frag 3-D, and the first 300 people at the con will each get a free Valor & Snarl dragon mini, sculpted by Richard Kerr . . . read article

April 12, 2003:
Give the gift of divine retribution . . . read article

April 13, 2003:
As the warming breezes of spring merrily tickle the bluebonnets here in the paradise that is Central Texas, the following fine products are on their way to distributors everywhere and should be on your local game store shelves in the very near future: GURPS Reign of Steel (Reprint) It is 2046 A.D. The robot revolt is over, and the machines have won . . . read article

April 14, 2003:
I mentioned a little while back that we would eventually be moving our mailing lists back to our own server. The first one is going to be the Daily Illuminator . . . read article

April 15, 2003:
A note from Ken Burnside at Ad Astra Games: While clearing through the back inventory of Sierra Madre Games for their merger with Ad Astra Games, we stumbled across a small inventory of Rocket Flight, no more than 50 copies. We've already contacted the dozen or so people who missed out on the last Daily Illuminator mention of this.. . . . read article

April 16, 2003:
Yesterday's posting truncated the URL for Ad Astra games, but the URL looked convincing. If you assumed the problem was on their end, no . . . read article

April 17, 2003:
The RPG website Pen & Paper put on their own awards this year, and the results are in. Unlike other awards where voters pick from a list of nominees, the Pen & Paper awards were entirely open-ended -- voters wrote in their own favorites in a number of categories . . . read article

April 18, 2003:
As Janeane Garofalo asked, "Is that portentous, or merely noteworthy?" -- Suggested by Michael Reynolds . . . read article

April 19, 2003:
Once again, the Grog d'Or will be awarded to the best roleplaying game, game line or RPG setting of 2002. SJ Games' Transhuman Space has been nominated for the Grog d'Or 2003 . . . read article

April 20, 2003:
They're Quickbeam and Bombadil -- The Lords of the Rhymes. Rappers doing it really Old School, where "O.G." means Original Gandalf . . . read article

April 21, 2003:
Seems as though it's time for yet another round of illness to sweep through the Austin office . . . read article

April 22, 2003:
The folks at Herobuilders.com, makers of custom action figures, have a new line of Operation Iraqi Freedom characters. My favorite is Iraqi Information Minister, Mohammed Saeed al Sahhaf . . . read article

April 23, 2003:
. . . nothing to see here . . . read article

April 24, 2003:
As promised, the Daily Illuminator has now been switched over to the new mailing list. If you've signed up, this should be the first message you receive via our own server . . . read article

April 25, 2003:
But if all you want is a little company while you're sitting at your desk, start by learning How to Build a Computerized Android Robot Head for $600.00. -- Suggested by William Thrasher . . . read article

April 26, 2003:
The two most recent "silly" items I've pointed you at here in the illustrious Daily Illuminator were a Lord of the Rings parody and a bit of Iraqi humor . . . so what happens when you put the two together? . . . read article

April 27, 2003:
A couple of weeks ago we sent 5,000 games to our troops deployed in Iraq and Kuwait with Operation Enduring Freedom. The "care package" had 20 of our most popular titles, including Car Wars, Chez Greek, X-Bugs, and -- of course! -- a lot of copies of the new Chez Grunt . . . read article

April 28, 2003:
We have gone through an interesting time recently with art direction, or the lack of same. Details NOT available on request . . . sigh . . . read article

April 29, 2003:
It's nearly May Day, time for the workers of the world to unite, to cast off their chains of oppression, and to run out and buy these fine new gaming products, currently shipping to local game stores everywhere: Munchkin Monster Manual It's all about the thrill of combat . . . meeting worthy foes and murdering them by surprise . . . gleefully slaughtering their low-level minions . . . defiling the corpses . . . and, of course, TAKING THEIR STUFF. The Munchkin d20 Monster Manual contains dozens of foes for you and your comrades to slay, from the dreaded Gazebo and the surprisingly tough Potted Plant to the secretive Grassy Gnoll . . . and the really quite nasty Plutonium Dragon! . . . read article

April 30, 2003:
Due to a change in the release schedule, this product has been added to the May, 2003 lineup: GURPS Vehicle Builder GURPS Vehicle Builder is the official vehicle-creation program for GURPS. Like the GURPS Character Builder before it, GURPS Vehicle Builder lets you design, optimize, store, modify, and print out vehicles of all types, from an oxcart to a space station! . . . read article

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