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August 3, 2008: First Munchkin Quest Review

It isn't unusual to link to a review. It's less usual to link to a review before the game is released. However, it's downright odd to link to a review in which the reviewer didn't like the game. Here we go, being odd.

John Mellby got a look at Munchkin Quest back in June during the Dallas Games Marathon, and wrote about his experience on Boardgamegeek.

Now, John didn't like the game. But his review is entertainingly written, and the three other players in his session enjoyed themselves, so it's very much a taste issue. The bottom line is, as John said, "The humor is the same as all the Munchkin games. If you like this kind of thing you will love Munchkin Quest."

Which is rather what we were shooting for.
-- Paul Chapman

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