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August 27, 2008: Heavy Gear To Return To Roleplaying

Dream Pod 9 and Steve Jackson Games announced an agreement today for a new line of roleplaying products based on DP9's best-selling Heavy Gear.

"The world of Heavy Gear was always intended to support multiple gaming formats," said Robert Dubois, Licensing Manager for Dream Pod 9. "We've focused our efforts on the miniatures line, with Heavy Gear Blitz! We are overjoyed that a publisher with the experience of Steve Jackson Games is interested in continuing the RPG material."

The line will launch with a new edition of Heavy Gear, bringing the Silhouette mechanics to their fourth edition. This core game will contain everything needed to create characters and roleplay in the world of Heavy Gear. Further releases will update Heavy Gear's best-known places and personalities, bringing the story up to date with the miniatures line. New releases will explore military hardware, locations, factions, and the whole universe in greater detail than ever before. The line will primarily be released in PDF via e23.

Heavy Gear is set on the world of Terra Nova, over 4,000 years in the future. On this war-torn world, the elite armor units are giant humanoid battlesuits known as Gears. City-states battle for position within their leagues, the leagues battle for control of Terra Nova, and everyone battles against the malevolent Earth forces who are trying to retake their lost colony.

"Heavy Gear has the deep background and rich setting that brings excellent roleplaying," said Paul Chapman of SJ Games. "We're excited to be able to bring the world of Terra Nova to a new generation of gamers, and to support the fans that have been following it for the past decade."

The fourth edition of the Heavy Gear RPG will be released in 2009. Watch for updates at www.heavygearrpg.com.

For more information, contact Paul Chapman (paul@sjgames.com) at (512) 447-7866 x207.

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