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August 7, 2008: Making Plans For GenCon

GenCon is, as most of you know, coming very soon. I'm sure you're all anticipating my normal "I'll be at the Adventure Retail booth; stop by!" message, but I've got extra notes for this convention.

Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch will be attending. We'll be pummeling his brain with GURPS line questions, and generally attempting to poison his liver. During the day, he'll be hanging around the booth, answering your questions and scribbling that mess he calls a signature on anything that'll stand still . . .

. . . Like the Dungeon Fantasy softcovers we'll have available there. We'll also have a couple other surprises for sale, but we'll keep you guessing on those for the moment.

Will and Randy will be there, as well. While not as good-looking as Sean, they'll be toting the gorgeous Munchkin Quest prototype, and running as many demos as they can squeeze in. They'll also have working copies of several other games, unannounced and in development. If you'd like to see what's coming through our pipeline, or just chat with these two on the topic of game development, this is an excellent chance.

Also in attendance will be Phil Reed and Ross Jepson, who are planning high level talks with e23 bigwig Steven Marsh. They've got meetings planned with a multitude of printers, distributors, translators, and publishers as well, but those are too secret to reveal here -- plus, I don't have their schedule yet.

The Men In Black will be on hand running many, many games. Swing by the MIB HQ in the Board Game Hall (500 Ballroom) to follow the Path of Illumination and play an unscheduled game at your leisure..

Oh, and I'll be there, doing my whooping crane impression at booth #1621.
-- Paul Chapman

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