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August 14, 2008: The Return Of SPANC!

The tragic nature of being a small publisher is that you simply cannot keep everything in print, all the time. Collecting errata, watching cash flow, and checking new printers for bargains alone would overwhelm you. So some games, despite reasonable sales numbers, must be allowed to fall by the side, in order to make room for new products. But they're not gone forever!

Case in point: SPANC. A fun game with great art, it had the misfortune of, well, not being Munchkin. But we've got a space in the schedule, and so we're bringing it back!

Due to the vagaries of printing and shipping schedules during the end-of-year holidays, we're not 100% certain you'll see it in stores before 2009. But it'll be on the way.
-- Paul Chapman

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