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August 2, 2008: Checking The Stats

Back in February, we took stock of the e23 releases, up to that date. Well, it's five months later; let's revisit the topic.

Items released for GURPS Fourth Edition, with page counts:

That's 694 pages of original GURPS Fourth Edition material, in just under seven months. Add to that the 580 pages of the GURPS Basic Set and the 1,851 pages of classic GURPS releases, and you've got quite a stack of electrons.

And we've just getting started. There's still a couple installments of the Spaceships series in playtest, a "blast from the past" piece in the wings, and support for Transhuman Space and In Nomine coming up. Oh, and whatever Kromm comes up with when he's not being the Dr. Manhattan of RPG line management.
-- Paul Chapman

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