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August 4, 2010: Munchkin Twitter Explosion!

In honor of Gen Con, our Twitter feed will be exploding with Munchkin effects!

The full rules are here, but here's the short version: follow @SJGames on Twitter, and from Thursday morning until Sunday night you'll get a Munchkin effect every couple of hours. Some will be simple bonuses (like "Draw a Door"). Some will be evil and cruel (like "Every Item requires 1 hand"). All will, of course, be totally Munchkin.

We'll also be tweeting from the exhibit hall floor, where we'll be doing demos in booth #1321. Observations on games, pictures of cool costumes, ridiculous card plays -- we'll be sharing all of it, direct from the center of the action.

Booth #1321 will have a few previously unreleased items that you may be interested in. Specifically, a limited number of copies of Munchkin Cthulhu 4, Munchkin Marked for Death, and +6 Bag O' Munchkin d6 will be for sale. The printer has a couple other goodies coming our way; watch our Twitter feed for announcements!

-- Paul Chapman

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