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August 6, 2010: Happy Zombie Tweets

It really makes Team Zombie happy, in our brainless way, to see the good reviews of the Zombie Dice app . . . and the mini-reviews on Twitter are especially fun, because every so often we can reload and get another one, like:

  • @mkblack Simple but fun and it cracks me up when the shotgun goes off.
  • @sjsuperone the best .99 I've spent on the app store...Gory, nerdy awesomeness!
  • @satyr69 almost as addictive as the real BRAINS
  • @ggilchrest Loving it! Braaains!!!! Omnomnom.
  • @rocketrobby Just what it should be, silly zombie sound effects and fast play

Among the longer reviews, this one from Japan stood out. The link is to a Google translation which has mangled it horribly, but the reviewer was definitely having fun!


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