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August 17, 2010: Gen Con Wrap-Up

Yes, we got back from Gen Con last week. However, the report had to wait until this week, as my lack of sleep downgraded my word-smithing from "average" to "Dan Brown." (Kidding!)

The question most asked when you return from any convention is "How was it?" And there are several ways you can answer . . .

As a retail show, it was excellent. We sold out of Munchkin Quest too early, and buying frenzies of Frag Gold Edition, Revolution!, and the Munchkin core sets put a real strain on the supplies. Zombie Dice sold nearly 700 copies, and Cthulhu Dice wasn't far behind. Bottom line: it was a profitable show.

As a "let's demo the heck out of these games!" event, we were -- if possible -- even more successful. The two tables devoted to the dice games were rockin' every hour the hall was open. The Revolution! expansion, The Palace, saw literally hundreds of players over the weekend. Munchkin Czar Andrew was juggling Munchkin Marked for Death and Munchkin Quest Gauntlet. All this, plus we broke out The Stars Are Right, Frag Gold Edition, and Nanuk upon request . . . and there were many requests.

As a game-playing show, I know Will and Ben prowled the after-hours freeplay areas, and played a few new games. Most of the rest of us either got stuck in meetings, or opted for a more social experience.

Overall, Gen Con 2010 was a great show for us, and we can't wait for next year! (But first we're going to PAX Prime, BGG.Con, a couple of trade shows, PAX East, and maybe a couple others.) See you around!

-- Paul Chapman

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