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August 12, 2010: What Is GUAL?

Munchkin Go Up A Level Most Munchkin players know that "GUAL" stands for "Go Up A Level" -- one of those lovely treasures that instantly boost your level, no monster whacking required. However, we've recently announced Munchkin Go Up A Level. So, what's that?

It certainly isn't 132 different GUAL cards, or even 132 copies of the same one. That would be silly. (Or would it? I need to make a note for the next brainstorming meeting.)

Munchkin GUAL is a way to update existing Munchkin collections to the new rules we implemented with the 19th printing of Munchkin. Each of the cards in this set is a copy of one that already existed, with the original art but new wording. Some of these cards were originally published way back in 2001; we've learned a few more things about Munchkin fun and balance since then.

Take advantage of our increased Munchkin-ness, without re-buying all your current sets -- that's GUAL in a nutshell.

-- Paul Chapman

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