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August 30, 2010: Darkness And Space

Dungeon Fantasy 12: Ninja Space Gamer #36 Take one part covert ops, one part martial artist, and one part thief, mix well and serve in a cloak of darkness in a classic dungeon. What do you get? Dungeon Fantasy 12: Ninja.

Yes, the daggers of the night have now hit the dungeons. Following in the tradition of Sages, Clerics, and Summoners, DF12 illuminates the shinobi with new tools, perks, and lenses.

Space Gamer #36 doesn't have any ninja in it, unless you count the invisible ones. In the visible contents are articles on game design and an alternate damage system for Star Fleet Battles, as well as reviews of games (and a publisher: Eon Products) which were new circa February 1981. In particular, there's a review by SJ of a game called Akalabeth, designed by one Lord British.

Ninja and a blast from the past -- that's what's new in e23!

-- Paul Chapman

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