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August 25, 2010: Running The Gauntlet

In an Illuminator last week, Paul made a cryptic reference to the Munchkin Quest Gauntlet. Some folks, reasonably, asked what the heck he was talking about, since we haven't announced anything with that name.

The Gauntlet is my name for a semi-programmed Munchkin Quest demo. We debuted it at GenCon 2009, and used a drastically revised version at GenCon this year. (And yes, we'll definitely be running it at PAX Prime, too.) The current incarnation is designed as a 10-minute, one-player game that shows off most of the things that make Munchkin Quest different from Munchkin.

Our plan is to playtest it at PAX and then release the script to the Men In Black so they can run quickie Munchkin Quest demos at their local stores and conventions. I expect we'll also put it online at some point, so you dedicated Munchkin Quest players can indoctrinate your friends . . .

-- Andrew Hackard

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