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December 6, 2003: Day Of The Ninja: The Aftermath

The Day of the Ninja went perfectly here at Steve Jackson Games. All of the hordes of ninja that descended upon the building to participate in the celebration were appropriately ninja-like and stealthy, resulting in a total of zero ninja sightings througout the day. A wild success! We can only hope that the Day of the Ninja next year will go so well.

While our backs were turned (and aided by the strategic application of invisible smoke bombs), the ninja dropped off several mysterious boxes in the warehouse. We lost our designated Mysterious Box Opener to the second set of traps (pity that Harold's replacement didn't live up to expectations; he should have been more honest about his poison-needle-trap-detection skills on his resumé) but eventually got down to the contents. And the ninja left us . . . T-shirts!

Yes, we found this a bit surprising too. Apparently they're trying to encourage more orders from their fast food delivery service.

Now you, too, can support your local ninja; we have the stealthy gray Guaranteed Delivery T-Shirt and the ninja black Dim-Mak Death Touch T-Shirt, guaranteed to not come covered in a box full of deadly traps. Ninja not included.
-- Fade, Warehouse 23 Clerk

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