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December 29, 2003: The Very Long Weekend

I've been looking forward to this long holiday for months . . . not because I have any plans to travel, but because sometimes "I get to stay home and work!" can be said with no sarcasm at all. There are a number of projects that really need the kind of attention you can't give them when you also have to keep up with office responsibilities.

So I made a very, very long list, and I've been happily working down it. Well, fairly happily. Starting with Christmas, I had 11 days until going back to work. Unfortunately, when I sorted out all the really massive things I needed to deal with, there were 11. And then there are all the less-massive ones. We call this a "target-rich environment."

But it's not going too badly. I got Thursday's through Sunday's Big Things done. I'm a happy camper.

One of the things on my list for later in the week is to write a memo - to everyone who cares - about how the company did last year and what it'll do this year. Sort of a "stakeholders' report." Stay tuned.
-- Steve Jackson

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