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December 9, 2003: Now Shipping

These products will be racing Santa's sleigh to hit your local game store shelves in time for Christmas . . . look for them in the next week or so.

Dork Tower
Now you can play John Kovalic's Dork Tower characters . . . as they play their characters . . . in a magical quest for glory. Adventure through the land of Aurora, smiting monsters and growing in power, until you are strong enough to challenge the evil wizard in his tower. Slay him and you win . . . fail, and be cast from the heights . . . Dork Tower is a fast-moving game for 3 to 6 players. It features a full-color game map with a 3-D central tower, over 100 monster and character disks, pretty dice, spell cards, rules, and character sheets . . . all illustrated, of course, by John Kovalic!

Boxed game, with 56 cards (not illustrated), over 100 monster and character disks, game map with 3-D central tower, rules, character sheets, and two dice. Stock #1370, ISBN 1-55634-714-6. $39.95.

Deluxe INWO (Reprint)
Absolutely everything you need to play the award-winning deck-building version of the Game of Conspiracy . . . full-color, illustrated rules, over 500 cards, dice, wood markers, and a cloth bag with the Pyramid to hold them in! This set includes the (non-collectible) “One With Everything” card set, The INWO Book, and several booster packs from the “Assassins” expansion, plus special Illuminati dice, dice bag, and wooden pyramid tokens. Yet another path toward world domination!

Boxed set with rules and 500+ cards. Stock #1618, $24.95.

From small-town crisis units to the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, from the urban sprawl of Berlin to the mountainous wilds of Idaho, GURPS SWAT covers the dangerous world of tactical police operations. Serve a warrant on a meth lab, protect a judge whose life is threatened, rescue hostages from international terrorists, or take down a barricaded suspect before he kills again! Establish perimeters and begin hostage negotiations. Perform a stealth entry if you can, or blow down the door in a swift dynamic assault!

GURPS SWAT includes realistic information on skills, tactics, weapons and equipment, as well as several real-world police tactical teams, from the original LAPD SWAT to federal and international agency units.

64 pages. Stock #6064, ISBN 1-55634-721-9. $15.95.

Transhuman Space: Broken Dreams
Stay and Fight . . .

On Earth in 2100, some are reaching for the stars . . . but others struggle just to survive. Much of the home world remains mired in war and intrigue, as powerful corporations and high-tech armies fight over resources, markets, and ideas. Cities on the edge of chaos are battlegrounds for covert operations and high-stakes diplomacy, and the developing nations see themselves falling farther and farther behind.

Nations trapped in poverty, environmental disaster areas, and hellholes run by insane dictators . . . high-tech terrorism, rebellion, and crime, and rules for creating biological and chemical weapons . . .dangerous genetic designs, obsolete cybertechnology, and police state software . . . all part of daily life in Transhuman Space: Broken Dreams.

144 pages. Stock #6707, ISBN 1-55634-650-6. $24.95.

Murphy's Rules (Reprint)
Ever since the days of the old Space Gamer, and now in Pyramid, one thing strikes fear into the hearts (and laughter into the twisted minds) of publishers everywhere. Some game rules are good, some are bad, and some are Murphy's! This is the cartoon feature that takes those rules and skewers them, bleeding, for everyone to mock. (Us? Attitude? It's all right; we pick on our own stuff too.) The strip has featured a great roster of artists over the years, including multiple-Origins-Award-winner John Kovalic and Pulitzer Prize winner Ben Sargent!

The first time we published a Murphy's compilation was in 1988. This book includes everything from that edition, and all the Murphys that came out in the next ten years . . . and more!

80 pages. Stock #9006, ISBN 1-55634-363-9. $17.95.

Primal Darkness: The Gothic and Horror Art of Bob Eggleton
Bob Eggleton is an acclaimed science fiction, fantasy, and landscape artist. Winner of eight Hugo Awards and 11 Chesley Awards, his art can be seen on covers of countless magazines and books. Perhaps best known for his signature work with Brian Lumley on the Necroscope series, Eggleton does everything from dinosaurs to rocket ships.

Primal Darkness: The Gothic and Horror Art of Bob Eggleton features -- for the first time anywhere -- the complete collection of Necroscope covers, introduced by Lumley himself. Primal Darkness also includes Eggleton's Lovecraft-inspired Cthulhu pieces, as well as other monster, horrors, and things that go bump in the night.

64-page full-color hardback book. Stock #60-1008, ISBN 1-55634-624-7. $26.95.

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