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December 23, 2003: Holiday Hours Reminder

As we approach the Season of Not Working Quite So Much, we'd like to remind you of our holiday schedule:

December 24: We're open for business, but Warehouse 23 is not shipping (because neither is UPS), and many staff members will be gone part or all of the day.
December 25: Christmas. Don't even think about trying to reach us.
December 26-December 31: The office is officially closed, although some staff members may be in at various times for various reasons. Warehouse 23 will be open and shipping, except on December 31.
January 1: New Year's Day. No one will be in.
January 2: The office will be closed, although some staff members will probably be around. Warehouse 23 will be shipping normally.
January 5: First Monday of the New Year. We'll all be back at work.

Please be understanding if messages are not returned until January. We actively encourage our staff to take the week off -- and that includes staying away from e-mail! Steve Jackson Games wishes you and those you love the best of holidays, and we'll see you in 2004.

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